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Y’all, I am such a movie fanatic. I’m also a creature of habit, and I like to watch the same movies over and over again. Pretty Woman, A Few Good Men, Clueless... the list goes on. I definitely have more than a few favorites! If you’re anything like me, you really like to lose yourself in a great movie. Well, today I’m bringing you a list of some of my favorite wedding movies to binge watch during your wedding planning process. These movies either have an epic wedding featured or are centered mostly around a wedding in the lives of one or more of the characters. 1) Runaway Bride

2) My Best Friend’s Wedding

3) Sex & the City

4) In Her Shoes

5) Sweet Home Alabama

6) 27 Dresses

7) Steel Magnolias

8) The Other Sister

9) My Big Fat Greek Wedding

10) Wedding Planner (Of course!)

11) The Wedding Date

12) Father of the Bride

13) Wedding Crashers

14) Bridesmaids

Lastly, I know it isn’t a movie, but I’m obsessed with Will & Grace. I absolutely love Grace and Leo’s illegitimate marriage in Central Park, as well as the real one they end up having where Will gives her away. The scene on the rooftop where she and Will dance to “Don’t You Want Me” gets me every time. So, what do you think about my list of my favorite wedding movies? Are there any of your favorites on here, too? Let me know if there are any you think I missed!

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